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HIIT Homework

Stick on your favourite upbeat playlist and try out these exercises one after the other. To give yourself a bigger challenge, do each circuit twice or three times or more!


5 X 25
25 jumping jacks
25 squats
25 seconds run on the spot
25 push ups
25 seconds plank

30 seconds run on the spot
30 seconds high knees
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds butt kicks
30 seconds jog on the spot

30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds run on the spot
30 seconds plank
30 seconds burpees!


Try out as many of these exercises outside (keeping a social distance!) that you can and tell your teacher which ones you’ve done.

1. Cycle your bike for 10 minutes / Go for a walk / Ride your scooter for 10 minutes.

2. Jump on your trampoline / Walk your dog / Bubble bashing - get someone to blow bubbles for you to try and burst all of them.

3. Draw your own hopscotch with chalk and play / Throw a ball against a wall and catch / Create your own obstacle course / Run for 5 minutes / 10 minutes of free play outside.

4. Do 3 laps of your house or up and down the hall 10 times / Keepie uppies - how many can you do in a row? / Skip sideways up and down the garden 5 times.


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Students and teachers can access over 20,000 resources shared by Primary and Post-Primary teachers anytime, anywhere. Search materials by class/year group, subject, strand, and learning outcomes.
Free resources and activities in every subject area.
Twinkl is offering one month free ‘Ultimate Membership'. This will allow parents unlimited access to resources for every curriculum subject. Go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS.

All students in the Republic of Ireland have open and free home access to World Book Online. World Book is a trusted encyclopedia containing thousands of informational articles with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, research help, and activities. NEW! World Book Online has created a guide to distance learning resources on World Book Online for parents and educators

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