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Monastery National School, Ardee, Co. Louth

Mission Statement

Monastery National School Mission Statement

Monastery National School seeks to enable each child to develop his potential in a caring environment where the talents of each child are nurtured and valued.

The philosophy of the school is symbolised in the school crest. The four quadrants of the crest symbolise aspects of the pupils’ development – intellectual, spiritual, physical and artistic. Although identified separately, they are recognised as integral parts of the pupil.

Each pupil is accepted as unique, bringing with him to school his own individual personality and his talents in varying degrees of ability. The school also recognises that each child comes from a unique home and family background and that conditions there may profoundly influence his personality.

The school motto, incorporated in the crest, is “
Mol on Óige agus Tiocfaidh sí” (Praise youth and it will grow). This focuses attention on the pupil in an encouraging way. The school exists for the benefit of the pupil and seeks to positively influence his growth through encouragement and stimulation rather than by an authoritarian emphasis only.

The school seeks to create an environment which encourages growth and development – spiritual, intellectual, artistic and physical – with due regard for the individual boy.